Bridal Stylist Fires Friendly Shots And Says Her Goodbyes In Spanish After Client’s Mom Trash-Talked Her Throughout The Entire Appointment.

This is a story about a bridal stylist who had to deal with a difficult customer and her insulting mother. Despite not looking like she speaks Spanish, the stylist surprised the pair by speaking Spanish fluently and shutting down the insults.

Source: Reddit

So, I’m a bridal stylist. I help people find their wedding gown. I love my job, and 99% of the time, it’s a happy, wonderful job with great coworkers and customers.

And then there’s the 1%.

I had a bride today who was very sweet, but just didn’t connect with the gowns we had. That’s okay; it happens sometimes. She was fine. But her mom (and somehow, it’s always the mom or the aunt) was decidedly not happy, and decided to sh*t-talk me in Spanish the whole time.

“Does this woman know what she’s doing? She’s pulling nothing but ugly gowns!” (Said gowns were selected by the bride.) “I hope you don’t ever get as fat as her.” And so on. Lovely.

Now, I am whiter than a jar of mayo, and I don’t necessarily look like I speak Spanish. However, my parents are from a Spanish-speaking country, even though they’re not ethnically Hispanic. I knew a LOT more as a kid, but l still know enough to get around.

So I waited until the end, and as they were leaving, I said “I hope you have a great day. Please, feel free to come back any time you’d like; we have lots more gowns you can go through if you’d like” in Spanish, to the bride and her mom, and oh man…

You know how good it feels when you’re in a f**kton of pain, and the doctor finally gives you something that works, and you’re suddenly not feeling any pain anymore? Or when you’re craving the hell out of a specific flavor of ice cream and you manage to find it?

Yeah, seeing the look on that bride’s mom’s face when she realized I heard and understood the entire hour of her ripping me to shreds was SO much better.

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