Mom Finally Has A Girl After Having Ten Boys.

Children are a blessing from God. Alexis Brett, 39, is a part time fitness instructor. She’s the first U.K mom who gave birth to 10 boys and has finally given birth to a little baby girl.

She and her husband David, 44, a train driver, in Scottish Highland were “over the moon” when the little angel was born who they named Cameron.

The little girl has 10 brothers from the age of 2 to 17. The father explains the brothers are well behaved around her, trying not to disturb her sleep. helping & taking care of her.

The mother expressed that even if the 11th child would be a boy she would be more than happy since all her boys are precious. She also said she never imagined having a big family but now that she does she loves it.

Alexis dislikes mess. She vacuums everyday and does 49 laundry loads a week.

For the first time the family must be having fun buying a lot of pink things. May this family have a fun loving journey.

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