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Cheers To 33 Years: Rob Lowe Celebrates Sobriety Milestone.

Rob Lowe is commemorating 33 years of sobriety by thanking his ‘tribe’ in particular.

Prior to recognizing his own personal milestone, the actor celebrated his son’s five-year sobriety with a chip on The Drew Barrymore Show last month.

The show, which aired on April 6, featured presenter Barrymore discussing her own drinking journey with guests Rob and his son, John Owen Lowe.

She says her two girls, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, understand why she doesn’t drink.

They support her through her pitfalls, Barrymore said. And these guys are an incredible family unit that supports each other through every high and every low—everything.

As the talk progressed, The Outsiders star removed a chip from his pocket to commemorate his son’s recovery anniversary, prompting an emotional interaction between the two.

Actually, Johnny’s fifth birthday was on Saturday, and Johnny wants Rob to give him his five-year chip.

He said to his son that he adores him and is very proud of him.

He is speechless, John exclaimed in response to the present. He generally responds with a smart answer, and don’t have anything for that. That was really thoughtful of him.

More recently, on May 10, the 59-year-old actor expressed gratitude in an Instagram post for having embarked on such an incredible, joyful adventure.

33 years ago today, he discovered recovery and a tribe that has sustained him on his amazing, thankful journey, Rob said beside a lovely sunset photo of himself relaxing in the waves.

His life is filled with love, family, God, opportunity, friends, work, dogs, and laughter.

If anyone or somebody one knows is struggling with any type of addiction, understand that there is hope and joy waiting for one if they truly desire it and are prepared to work for it.

Rob has previously spoken openly about his sober path, telling how he welcomed the process as a means to become the individual that he always desired to be.

Nothing can make one get sober except one’s desire, he remarked.

The threat of divorce, job loss, incarceration — one name the threat, it will not be necessary to do it. It has to be in one.

One of the greatest gifts of recovery is the opportunity to live one’s authentic life. One begins to live by one’s own principles and as who you actually are.

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