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TV Host Urges Robert De Niro To Consider Vasectomy At 79 After Welcoming Seventh Child.

An TV presenter has blasted Robert De Niro for having his seventh kid at the age of 79 and recommended him to seek a vasectomy.

De Niro shocked the world when he revealed that he’d welcomed his second child in an interview.

When the interviewer mentioned that he had six children, De Niro corrected her, saying: “Seven actually.

His two children from his previous marriage to Diahnne Abbott are daughter Drena and son Raphael.

He also has two kids, Julian and Aaron, with ex-wife Toukie Smith through surrogate, as well as a son called Elliot and a daughter named Helen from his marriage to Grace Hightower via surrogacy.

Recently, Channel Nine personality Shelly Horton asked the actor to reconsider having a father.

“Oh, Godfather,” she said. Robert De Niro has become a parent for the seventh time at the ripe old age of 79.

“I have an idea for a Father’s Day present – a vasectomy.”

Horton went on to remark that having kids at that age is “irresponsible.”

She said that in particular when one consider the child will probably grow up without a father for most of their life. While some may argue that women should not be forced to give up their wish to have kids since their partner is older, they must consider the long-term implications of that choice.

She also said that older parents may struggle to offer the care and attention that young kids demand when their health deteriorates, and that it is especially difficult for single mothers who raise kids alone.

She noted that although the 79-year-old can care for the kid financially, having money doesn’t replace the emotional support and direction a father or father figure can bring.

Recalling De Niro’s earlier interview in 2016, Horton claimed the actor must have ‘forgotten’ that he’d declared it’s not responsible, at his age, to have more kids.

He continued that he’ll be 70 years old, and they’ll have to cope with the things that people at that age deal with.

The actor has also previously said that it was ‘scary’ raising biracial kids in the US.

Back in 2020, he said to Jimmy Fallon that there are certain things that even he “takes for granted.”

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