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Mother Demands Justice After Son Dies While Fleeing Police in Carjacking Incident.

According to authorities, a police vehicle hit a carjacking suspect who was fleeing with two others. Dion Lamar Taylor, a 20-year-old man who resided one block away from the collision scene, was identified as the deceased suspect.

Teisha Cook, who spoke about the incident, described the moment she learned that a Baltimore County police cruiser had killed her son a block away. The entire time she is attempting to locate him, unaware that he was underneath the car, and she is running around looking for him, and she couldn’t find them, and she is calling in and texting him, and there was no response, she said. Her kid was going through the roadway up here when cops came this way and another came that way, colliding with them and running him over.

Taylor and two other suspects carjacked a pizza delivery worker shortly before 4 p.m. in the 3400 block of Merle Drive in Woodlawn, according to police. Soon after, police spotted the automobile, and a pursuit started, beginning at Essex and Liberty roads in Baltimore County and ending at Northern Parkway and Highgate Drive.

A pistol was tossed out the window, according to authorities, and the weapon was subsequently recovered. The suspects leaped out of the moving automobile at the junction of Northern Parkway and Liberty Road. One Baltimore County police cruiser collided with the vehicle, while another pursued the escaping suspects. The cruiser struck Taylor as he was turning down Highgate Drive.

From what they can tell at this point, Baltimore County police Cpl. Shawn Vinson said, there’s nothing to indicate that this cop deliberately struck the suspect. County police stated that the officers followed procedure and that more information could not be released due to the ongoing investigation.

Cook, on the other hand, is seeking answers. He wasn’t a bad guy. Her son was a stay-at-home dad, she said. Taron Kelly, 16, was detained in connection with the incident. He was charged with armed robbery, armed carjacking, motor vehicle theft, possession of a pistol, and possession of a handgun while a juvenile. He is being detained without bail after being charged as an adult. The third suspect has yet to be apprehended. Baltimore City Police is looking into the incident. The officer in charge was put on administrative leave.

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