Mom Goes To Jail After Seeing Sons’ “Souvenirs” From Neighbor’s House.

Life may be difficult for Schaquana Evita Spears, 30, who has to raise three kids ages 10, 12, and 13 on her own while working to support their family and without having daycare for the boys. She didn’t believe anything could go wrong after entrusting her younger two boys to the care of her eldest son, trusting him to hold down the fort while she was at work, until her unhappy neighbor phoned. Spears made someone pay for what the three did while she was gone in that split second.

Spears’ neighbor said that the three boys broke into her house and stole numerous of the neighbor’s personal goods. This was all it took for the mother to erupt in wrath over what her hoodlum boys were doing while she worked hard to care for them. She hurried home, and as she opened the front door, she was taken aback by what she saw.

As the neighbor had specified precisely what was missing, the mom was furious when she discovered each of those goods on the floor of her own house, with the boys figuring out who was stealing what just as their mom arrived.

Seeing the fury in her eyes and having the proof in front of them, the thugs-in-training attempted to flee from their mother. They didn’t go very far when she prevented them from fleeing through a window and carried justice with her.

Schaquana Evita Spears allegedly started striking the boys with a belt as punishment for stealing from a neighbour and insulting both that individual and herself. The lashing allegedly caused wounds to the boys’ backs, with the 13-year-old taking the worst of the punishment, most likely since he was the leader of the robbery and was meant to be keeping an eye on his younger siblings.

Yet, the three youngsters did not seem to have learned their lesson. Instead of seeing that they had brought retribution on themselves by victimizing an innocent neighbor, they chose to play the victim card. Surprisingly, the law-breaking youngsters called the cops to report their punishment, and when officers interrogated them, they wailed over getting beaten, whatever the reason.

It seems like flipping the script on their mom worked. She was apprehended and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on two counts of child abuse, while her boys fled with the neighbor’s property.

She felt she was telling them: This is not what you do, Spears said of her punishment. One does not take other people’s property, which they have worked hard for. The mom, who was subsequently freed, is still shaken by her incarceration.

While most individuals believe that any “spanking” that causes a permanent mark or harm is excessive punishment, incarcerating the mom after her boys committed a crime surely taught these children a horrible lesson. They now believe they can get away with what they do by making excuses and blaming everyone and everything except themselves.

This means that many families don’t have discipline because parents are afraid of paying the price if they punish their kids. This is one reason why there are so many thugs hurting society and taking advantage of innocent people today. Whether you agree with Mom’s handling of the situation or not, the kids should have been arrested for their own crimes.

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