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Mom Has Both Arms Amputated After Being Mauled By Stranger’s Three Pit Bulls.

According to her family, a South Carolina mother had to have both of her limbs amputated after being viciously attacked by three pit bulls.

Kyleen Waltman, 38, also lost part of her colon and may have to have a bit of her oesophagus removed, according to her sister.

Amy Wynne expressed that this is the most awful thing she has ever seen.

Kyleen is still in serious condition after being mauled by the dogs on a sidewalk in Honea Path, northwest of Columbia, on Monday.

According to authorities, a guy discovered Waltman being attacked by the dogs and was ultimately able to drive the animals away by shooting his revolver into the air. The seriously injured person was flown to a local hospital by helicopter.

“By that point, they couldn’t tell who she was,” Waltman’s other sister, Shenna Green, said. “My sister wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for [the passer-by].”

On Thursday, Justin Minor, the owner of the three pit bulls, was charged in connection with the incident and freed on a $15,000 surety bail.

Minor should be held accountable, according to the victim’s sisters. Wynne added that it could have been avoided. If the dogs had been locked up or tied up, or if they had never been there in the first place, this would never have occurred.

It wasn’t apparent how the dogs wound up on the roadway.

According to local media, “Beware of dog” signs can be seen on Minor’s property. Following the incident, Abbeville County Animal Control impounded the dogs, and the police investigation is underway.

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