Woman Request Doctor To Lie About The Pregnancy Result To Her Boyfriend.

Physical, mental, and emotional abuse should be prohibited in all relationships. If an individual is going through one it’s important to seek help and come out of the abusive relationship. Read this beautiful story of this woman who was saved from an abusive relationship without being judged.  

Source: Reddit

My friend Jane has been stuck in a frankly emotionally abusive relationship for a while. She’s been slowly working on getting everything ready to leave him – things like getting her important documents away from trusted people, finding a new place to stay, saving up enough money etc. but it’s been hard because he’s really controlling and he’ll go through all her stuff.

But then she found out she was pregnant. There was no happiness at the news on her part. He has always desperately wanted kids with her. She never wanted kids with him. She doesn’t even want pets with him.

I’m forever grateful that it’s relatively easy to get an abortion where we live, and I’m forever grateful for her doctor. Her doctor was amazing.

It’s part of the protocol here for doctors to get their pregnant patients alone and ask them about anything concerning – like abuse. It was then that Jane told her doctor about her situation and begged for an abortion. She asked her doctor to give her one secretly and lie to her partner. There was no judgement from her doctor at all. Her doctor believed her and immediately took her side.

Jane managed to get the abortion secretly. Her doctor lied to her partner about everything the entire time. Said that Jane just needed to get some more tests done and that they were busy and it’ll take a while when Jane was really going to get her abortion done. She opted for the surgical abortion so it was really quick.

Afterwards her doctor lied again to her partner and said that she thought Jane had already left – didn’t she leave with you? When in reality Jane was leaving with me from a different building in a different exit.

Jane’s doctor is the reason she managed to solve her problems instead of ending up with even bigger ones. It was just so refreshing for her doctor to believe her immediately like that. No argument. No doubt. Just completely took her at her word and went above and beyond. I know if I told the people I know in real life they’d think the doctor was in the wrong for keeping it away from the man in the relationship, but I feel like people here will understand. I just feel like more doctors should be like that and be willing to take extra steps and protect vulnerable patients. Was doctor in the wrong for keeping the results away from the man? What would you do in her situation? Any advice.

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