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Mom Notices Her Boy Not Go Into School After Being Dropped Off, Then She Realizes Why

A Texas woman published a photo of her kindergartener son praying and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, not realizing she was about to become viral.

The shot went viral, garnering over 2 million Facebook views.

Heather Nelson, Royce Thompson’s mother, claimed that she had arrived late at her son’s primary school in Santa Fe, Texas.

He was going to open the door when he came to a halt.

His mom initially had no clue what he was doing and urged him to hurry inside.

He didn’t budge, and she wondered, what is this baby doing?

Both of them were taken aback when a police officer approached Nelson and described what he was doing.

 Officer Cibby More couldn’t believe he accepted that it was a time where one needed to stop doing the vow and he simply stopped.

He just continued doing it, ignoring all the youngsters surrounding him. And it was fantastic.

Royce had heard the Pledge of Allegiance blared over the school speakers, and despite his tardiness, he felt compelled to represent his nation and religion.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for a lovely day, Royce said in prayer.

Because there is no prayer in schools, he says a small prayer discreetly, and that’s precisely what he was doing, Nelson stated.

The mother then shot the photo that resulted in melting the hearts of many people around the country.

”It’s things like these that give me hope for the future and make me proud of the tiny town I grew up in!” said one Facebook user.

While Nelson expressed her pride in her kid, she also attributed his good “values” to her parents.

She can’t claim full credit. He has a role model that is an amazing man one know as Judge Mike Nelson, she says of the boy’s grandfather.

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