Mom-of-two on trial after she RAN OVER husband and mistress then proceeded to pummell her screaming ‘fat moll’

A mother of two is on trial after she drove straight over her husband and his girlfriend soon after finding they were having an affair.

Christie Lee Kennedy reportedly got into her BMW immediately after finding her spouse David Larkin was having an affair and drove them over in Brisbane.

According to the Queensland District Court, she then got out of her car, pulled the mistress by the hair, and pummeled her in the head while saying “fat moll.” When her “life came crumbling down” in March 2021, Kennedy, 37, had been married to Larkin for nine years and had been with him for nearly a decade.

Penny White, a defense lawyer, told the jury how she discovered herself in a situation that no one would want to be in. Her spouse was having an affair with another lady. The events that proceeded from that understanding. All transpired in a short period of time after she learned about it, she said.

Crown prosecutor Jennifer O’Brien recalled how Larkin grew close to Zowie Noring in January 2021, connecting over similar tragic emotions following the near-drowning of Larkin’s young son days before Christmas in 2020. Kennedy had installed the Find My Phone app on her husband’s phone a week before the event. Noring and Larkin planned to meet in a park in Wavell Heights on March 19, 2021.

Mr Larkin stated that he needed to speak with somebody that day, O’Brien explained to the jury. Kennedy found her spouse using a phone locate app, and they were strolling by the side of the road in a park in north Brisbane.

The court heard how Kennedy pursued them on the wrong side of the road “for some time” before slamming on the brakes and colliding with them. The incident was caught on CCTV cameras installed in a nearby home. The video will show that they were lined up, hit, and rolled off the bonnet,” O’Brien testified in court. There was no effort to swerve away or change direction to avoid hitting her and the pair. Simply put, the defendant drove her automobile, a massive and strong item, over them.

In describing his incident, Larkin stated that he had been conversing with Noring for a few minutes when he heard a car “speeding up recklessly” and quickly recognized it as his wife’s BMW, recognizing the personalized plates. He claimed that the next thing he recalled was his wife grabbing the lady by the hair and striking her continuously while calling her a “sl*t.”

Larkin received head injuries, arm and leg bruises and swelling, rib discomfort, and a dislocated finger, while Noring received head injuries, abdomen pain, and arm abrasions, in addition to thigh and ankle injuries.

Larking said in court that he knew Noring years ago via common acquaintances but that they became close in the weeks before the occurrences after bonding through “terrible circumstances.” He admitted to having a “pretty rough” marriage and first refused sleeping with the lady. However, under cross-examination, he admitted to cheating on his wife. They were having an affair, if you want to call it that, he said.

Kennedy has pleaded not guilty to two charges of unlawful striking resulting in serious bodily harm, but confessed to one count of criminal assault. The trial, presided over by Judge Tony Moynihan, is still ongoing.

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