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Woman captures final moments of grandparents’ 60-year love story: ‘A life full of love together’

Whether it’s on the big screen, the pages of a romance novel, or online where we can all obsess over the newest celebrity coupling, it’s frequently the young and beautiful that represent the love story.

However, one elderly couple inspired a woman by demonstrating the genuine meaning of love and passion.

Emily Hime described the last few months of her grandmother’s life as “heartbreaking,” but also a period when she was “fortunate to experience something wonderful” – her grandparents’ unconditional love.

Emily expressed that her family used to joke with her grandpa about how he would never live without grandma since she handled it all for him, however in the final few months of her life, the roles were switched.

She has concluded that the most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet… Grandma and Grandpa, on the other hand, got old together.

A special message of love, written by one of our Hospice families, on Valentine’s Day.

Posted by Chatham-Kent Hospice on Monday, February 14, 2022

It’s Grandpa who has been by Grandma’s side at the most challenging time of her life.  As she went through six rounds of chemotherapy, he learned to make meals, wash laundry, and cook for her.

It’s Grandpa holding her hand, going to every doctor’s visit and refusing to leave the home until somebody else took his place because he didn’t want her sitting alone, even for a few minutes.

Emily stated that medical personnel frequently noted his commitment to her and that all enjoyed watching them together.

He was at his wife’s side every single day while she was in the hospital and subsequently in hospice. He held her hand and kissed her forehead whenever he could, trying to make the most of the time they had left together, Emily recounted.

The devoted grandchild watched how her grandfather’s eyes would well up with tears whenever he suspected his wife was unhappy or in agony.

Her grandma had many strokes and her body became feeble, but he still praised her every day how lovely she was.

They had the type of lifelong love that one all strive for.  They would have been married 60 years next month, but nevertheless 60 years would not have sufficed, Emily wrote.

They would have been married 60 years years next month, but nevertheless 60 years would not have sufficed, Emily wrote.

“‘Oh you’re so wonderful, goodnight my honey,’ were his final words to her.

Emily stated that her grandparents met in their 20s at a cycling club in England, but it was during this period that they participated in “the most significant race together.”

They won the best race of all, a life filled with love.  And what a joy it has been to be able to record one of their final special moments together while watching this wonderful love tale.

I’m very grateful Emily offered this lovely tale that demonstrates the genuine value of love. Please share this beautiful love story.

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