Mom On Life Support Makes Miraculous Recovery And Finally Gets To Hold Newborn Son.

God works all things together for our good. We need to trust him. Here is an incredible story of how God performs miracles in our lives.

Autumn Carver and her husband Zach after experiencing many miscarriages were thrilled to be pregnant with their third child. Even during the pandemic they found happiness and were looking forward to the birth of their child.

However, both Autumn and Zach contracted COVID. Though Zach had just a fever and recovered soon, it was Autumn’s health that worsened. Admitted to the hospital her medical team understood the virus was destroying her lungs. They had to intubate her.

While her health kept declining, the medical team delivered her son Huxley at 33 weeks and put Autumn on life support. Nobody knew whether she would be able to hold her newborn or be with her now family of 5.

Suddenly a miracle took place. After 2 months Autumn woke up and she finally got to meet her baby boy who had been seven weeks.

All along with the hospital staff were waiting for this moment. Autumn was all set to go home. Before she left the hospital she Facetimed her daughter Sadie to ask what she would like for Christmas. All she wanted was her mom to be home. Her little family is blooming with joy that their miracle mom is home.

A lung transplant might be needed in the future for Autumn nevertheless she is improving well at home.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”

-Luke 1:37

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