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She Made Her Nephew Cry With The Christmas Gift.

Christmas gifts Just For You! Bundles of Peace………..&……….Boxes of Hope! Stockings full of Faith…&…..Bottles full of Joy!

Now let’s see what an 11 year old boy, Carter Wyles got for Christmas! Well! it was a surprise gift! Something very unique! A gift laced with emotional bonds!

Carter was celebrating Christmas with his aunt & cousins. He had received many gifts. There were toys, headphones & of course clothes. Normal gifts! Nothing excited him that much!

But when Carter opened the last box, emotions rushed to his brain! Emotions of being loved & being wanted. Carter thought, “I am chosen! I am wanted! I have grown into their hearts! I am perhaps the missing piece of their family.”

This is indeed the tear jerking moment for a young boy who got a surprise Christmas present of getting adopted.

Leah Kiphart, from Lancaster, Ohio had seven members in her family. This Christmas, her family of seven expanded into a family of eight. Magic? May be!

Aunt Leah Kiphart, with a sparkle in her eyes & a smile on her lips presented her nephew, Carter Wyles, with adoption papers on Christmas Day.

The final box, which Carter opened had a picture of Leah’s family. There was a note that asked Carter if he wanted to join their family. Carter’s voice breaks. It trembles as he finishes reading the note before being comforted by his cousins.

Leah said, “Carter came to us because he’d been having a less than desired home life with his biological family. We discussed with our other children Sunday night and shared with Carter Monday morning.”

A video was shot of the momentous event so that Carter would always have this great unforgettable moment of this wonderful day of his life stored in his memory.

Kid Adopted For Christmas By Family Who Look After Him

The heartwarming moment a child was adopted by the family who took care of him for Christmas ❤️️🙌

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, 27 December 2018

Leah continued, “Carter isn’t just the lucky one in all of this. We are blessed to have him as part of our family. We all have a lot of adjusting to do and will continue to keep Carter in prayer as he heals and transitions into our family.”

What do you call this? Little souls find their way to you whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s ?

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