Woman Is Proud Getting The Old-Man Fired From His Job.

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Source: Reddit

Last night I ordered a pizza as my boyfriend was out of town and I was feeling lazy. Older gentleman delivered the pizza and started saying things like “are you wearing anything under your clothes?” “Do you live alone? Is anyone in your apartment?” “I like you, you’re very sexy.”. Right at the end he tried to hug me and kissed me on the forehead.

I was wildly uncomfortable and I kept waking up to car sounds in the parking lot, checking that it wasn’t him. I slept with a bat. I do not like to rock the boat. I’m very non-confrontational. But I reported him to DoorDash. They just called and told me they are so sorry, there is a zero tolerance policy on that sort of behavior, and they have deactivated his account.

I’m glad I reported him. He might have done something worse in the future to another woman.

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