Mom posts photo of baby girl who looks like Woody Harrelson – and Harrelson responds

People are accustomed to speculate on whether a newborn resembles his or her parents. However, when a mother in Northern Ireland asked on Twitter if her baby girl resembled Woody Harrelson, the internet went crazy.

Dani Grier Mulvenna posted a cheerful photo of her baby daughter, Cora, alongside a screengrab of Woody Harrelson laughing in the film “Zombieland” on August 3. She wondered and asked how her daughter resembles Woody Harrelson?

That tweet generated almost 483,000 likes, 2,670 quote tweets, and 26,6000 retweets in only two days. The comments were diverse and, in many cases, humorous. Nevertheless, one response in specifically stole the show: that of Emmy Award-winning and three-time Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson himself.

Not only did Harrelson notice the message and respond, but he also wrote a “Ode to Cora.”

He wrote, ”You’re an adorable child / Flattered to be compared. You have a wonderful smile / I just wish I had your hair.”

It’s not every day that Woody Harrelson [sic] writes a poem for your baby, Mulvenna tweeted after her original post went viral.

She continues that Cora says, thank you everybody so much for the likes and retweets, and also that she doesn’t always look like Woody Harrelson, it’s just that when she does…she really, really does.

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