Man Collects Lottery Winnings In ‘Scream’ Mask To Avoid Gold-Digging Relatives

Imagine being so concerned about greedy, gold-digging relatives that you show up to collect your lottery prize dressed as a killer from one of the world’s most popular movie series. That’s precisely what a Jamaican guy did after winning a $158.4 million ($1.17 million USD) prize in the national lottery. He delayed nearly two months before eventually showing up to take his money.

The guy, named only as A. Campbell, became ill after learning that he had won the Super Lotto in Jamaica in November. He told reporters that he is still stunned by his victory and that he chose to conceal himself as the monster from the horror film franchise Scream as he was terrified of money-hungry relatives.

He was questioned whether he was still not feeling well at the moment. He replied he is  sorta OK, just a touch numb, a tiny bit, as he picked up his check at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston during a handover ceremony. He had to wait 54 days to collect his rewards since he became unwell on November 23, 2018, the day he learnt he had won the jackpot. He is only the fourth individual in the country to win the Super Lotto.

Campbell claimed that he paid $200 for the winning ticket. He learned he won that night, he explained. Generally, he would jot down the televised draw numbers, eat, and then go check his numbers. That night, he looked at his ticket and raced into his restroom, exclaiming, he won! he won! Regardless of the fact that he took so long to come forward and receive his reward, he has already determined what he will do with the money.

He would like to have a lovely house, Campbell said. He hasn’t located it yet, but is sure he’ll find one soon. He enjoys dealing with money. He doesn’t beg nor borrow. So he is looking for opportunities to make money. He is considering spending the money in growing the firm he already operates in order to grow it. He has a little business, therefore he intends to expand it by purchasing an apartment, he explained. He enjoys having money.

Campbell isn’t the first Jamaican lotto winner to conceal his identity. Last June, a lady identified simply as N Gray came forward to claim her winnings from the May 11 Super Lotto wearing a massive emoji mask to conceal her identity. She intended to use her winnings to pay off her debts and to fund a community center for her neighborhood’s youngsters.

She, too, concealed her face to avoid hungry relatives and even thieves. According to reports, donning a disguise to collect lottery prizes is typical in Jamaica since individuals are terrified of being the focus of criminals and being hounded by gold-digging family members, friends, and acquaintances.

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