Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson call it quits after nine months of dating.

According to sources close to the pair, the pair decided to separate. The pair’s continually hectic schedules and distance apart made it difficult to maintain their love.

As previously known, Pete has recently been spending a lot of time in Australia, where he is making a movie, while Kim is juggling traveling and working all over the world while raising her four children in Los Angeles.

Kim recently travelled to Australia to meet Pete after some time away, although it’s unclear whether this is when the two decided to end their relationship or whether it was more recently.

Kim and Pete were first seen together in October when they went to Knotts Berry Farm in Los Angeles with several friends. Kim then went to see Pete on his homeland of Staten Island, where the two ate pizza and spaghetti at one of Pete’s favorite restaurants.

Following that, the romance seemed to develop. The two went on holidays together and were regularly flying coast to coast to spend weekends in New York and Los Angeles.

Kim and Pete made their red carpet debut together in April at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

While we hadn’t seen them in a while, Kim recently tweeted a series of playful photos of herself and Pete, clearly reassuring the public that they were still a thing.

Kim and Kanye have been getting along recently, according to many sources, despite the fact that their divorce is still ongoing. We’ve been informed it’s doubtful they’ll ever get back together… but never say never.

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