Woman Gets Called Out By Coworker For Wearing “Barely Any Clothes”, Claps Back At Him, Wonders If She Crossed The Line.

Being competent at your profession isn’t the only factor that contributes to your success at work. Disagreements among coworkers are unavoidable. Even the most patient people sometimes lose their cool, especially when they are subjected to unwelcome and unfair criticism from their coworkers. In this story a lady recently described how a coworker thought her clothing was improper and urged her to cover her shoulders. Continue reading to learn how the incident developed, decide for yourself whether the woman was correct in this circumstance, and share your opinions in the comments.

Source: Reddit

My workplace doesn’t have a dress code so everyone dresses very casually. Today I was wearing a top with thin straps with long pants and my shoulders were showing.

One of my coworkers “Brian” was giving me angry looks all day and when I finally asked him what’s wrong, he told me that he thought better off me than to dress in “barely any clothes” to work.

At that moment, Brian was wearing pretty short shorts and was barefoot. He dressed like this the whole summer, the office is carpeted, he only puts on his slippers if he is going to the bathroom or the kitchen.

I told Brian that I will start covering up my shoulders when he starts wearing shoes to the office. If I have to watch his hairy toes at work, he can deal with the sight of my shoulders.

That of course didn’t help, he put on his headphones and didn’t even look in my direction the rest of the workday.

Now I’m wondering if I was wrong to say that. He is a coworker and I should thrive for good work relationships, but I felt insulted so kicked back at him. Did I go too far here? 

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