Mom Records A Message And Gives Up Baby For Adoption After His Dad Unexpectedly Dies.

In love you sacrifice your choice, your happiness to see the person you love to be happy and safe. This young mother had taken a heartbreaking decision to see her baby safe and secure. Read this bitter sweet story of sadness and pure joy for this teen mom and the baby.

Hannah Mongie, 18, learned she was pregnant with a baby boy. An unfortunate incident took place in her life. Just after listening to the baby’s heartbeat at the eight week prenatal scan Hannah’s boyfriend Kaden suddenly died in his sleep.

She knew her baby Tagg was her “last piece of Kaden” but one day when she woke up she got a feeling as if he was meant to be with someone else. So she made a heart breaking decision to put her little boy for adoption.

Hannah gave birth to Tagg on March 21, 2016. in Provo, Utah. She spent two beautiful days with him and then with tears handed over Tagg to his adoptive parents.

But the story does not end here. It takes a heartening turn in Hannah’s and Tagg’s lives. Hannah fixed an open adoption and every month she got to see him. The best part is that she lives 10 minutes from the adoptive parents. She has made an incredible bond with Tagg’s adoptive mom Emily.

Hannah expressed that she felt she had adopted his whole family into hers rather than giving him up. They all love each other as a family and Emily is still one of her best friends in the world. She is thankful that Tagg guided her to their family.

Hannah recorded a very emotional video message for her little boy Tagg before her official goodbye. She shared the priceless moment on YouTube two years ago.

Watch and share the heartbreaking video that shows how much she loved him to give him away for his best.

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