‘To My Nana, We’ve Abandoned Her’: Woman With Sick Grandmother Pleads Directly To SA Premier.

Paige Carter, a South Australian woman, has requested tearfully to South Australia’s Premier pleading to be allowed to see her grandmother, 95, who had been tested positive for COVID-19 was isolated from loved ones at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) after being admitted at the beginning of January. Later being free from her infection she was shifted to a rehabilitation facility.

But again being unwell she was taken back to QEH. Describing her family’s pain and disappointment of not being able to see her grandmother was expressed by Ms Carter through a video which she posted herself on social media and tagged Premier Steven Marshall. She hopes her grandmother does not feel that she is abandoned by family people. Mr Marshall stated he wasn’t aware of the situation.

Ms Carter explained that the video was uploaded out of sadness. Her grandmother had 9 children and many grandchildren and had limited contact with the big family since she needed help to answer a phone. Ms Carter grew up spending each day with her grandmother, they are like best friends. In her words, “I miss my nana so much,”

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network stated that visitors were allowed for “compassionate reason or where it is critical to care” and that patients or family would make an arrangement to visit by speaking to the staff. They even apologized to any patient who may not be aware of their rules and regulations.

In their words, “We will work with our team to ensure patients are aware that they can request a visitor to help support them and their wellbeing during their hospital stay.”

But Ms Carter expressed that she was informed by the hospital staff that compassionate visits were only allowed for end of life and during that time two people would be allowed in. But it is hard to decide from a large family who two would be going to say goodbye in that situation.

Double vaccinated Ms Carter understands the need for tight safeguards to avoid the spread of COVID in hospitals. However Ms Carter is tensed about her grandmother who suffers dementia may not recognise her. They have observed some cognitive changes in her before being in the hospital and currently they are unable to understand her on the phone.

Ms Carter pleaded with Mr Marshall to relax the restrictions for visitors in hospital to permit her to see her grandmother. She feels they are being forced to abandon their grandmother and she is not ok with the thought.

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