Mom Called Out For Refusing To Go With Teen Daughter To Her Ex-Husband’s Funeral.

Let’s face it: relationships can end, and when they do, the fallout may be painful and unpleasant. However, in certain situations we need to move past the thing we’re feeling and be the greater individual. In this story a wife learnt her ex had died, she declined due to the aggravation she dreaded she’d feel at seeing her ex-parents in law once more. Read the story and let us know whether her decision she made was the right one or not.

Source: Reddit

My ex husband (My daughter’s father) passed away 2 days ago at the age of (36). My 16 year old daughter begged that I go with her to the funeral because she said she doesn’t know anyone there and needs my support and guidance. I refused because I did not feel comfortable and then seeing my former in’s just not worth the pain, plus that her grandparents and her younger uncle that she adores so much will be there so that is good enough. I also offered to have my brother drive her there and return her home later, but she refused and kept begging that I go with her. I told her no and that I have my reasons and that’s it.

She unloaded on me yesterday calling me bitter and selfish, And said that my hatred for her dad is still there and is disgusting. I was really hurt. I had an argument with her but didn’t punish her for what she called me because she’s grieving and is processing her father’s passing. I just cut the argument and told her to go upstairs. She went inside her room and refused to come out for lunch and dinner. My boyfriend tried to stay with her and get her to eat but she refused.

He told me later that this is obviously something my daughter is not dealing with properly and suggested I just go to the funeral because if I don’t then there will be lasting resentment from my daughter. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep over this. I feel like just because she wants this doesn’t mean I just go with it. I never push her to do anything she doesn’t wanna do. Do you think her request is reasonable? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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