Teen Dies A Day After Asking Girlfriend’s Family For Permission To Marry Her.

Life is unpredictable. You never know what happens next. No one knows when a happy moment will turn into a sad event or when a bad phase will turn to a good one soon. Such was the case in this sweet family’s lives.

A Michigan guy had recently asked his girlfriend’s family for consent to wed her when he was murdered in the Bahamas by a massive wave.

Jonathan Brussow, 19, of Rockford, Michigan, was on an extended get-away  with his girlfriend, Athena Williams, 20, and her family. In the eighth grade, the two met over a campfire and began dating a year later. Williams expressed that ‘Whenever we began dating he generally told me, he said: “Since whenever I first saw you, I realized I planned to wed you. We had everything arranged as of now. He had our entire wedding arranged out as well, and we weren’t locked in or anything.”

Brussow and Williams’s brother, Eric, went hiking up a nearby cliff after requesting her folks’ permission and before the sun rose.

Williams told the television station that while they were there, Jonathan also asked Eric if he could marry her. She knew that, and Eric did tell her that Jonathan said, ‘Come take a seat with me, friend,’ and then it just sort of occurred, I think.’

Unexpectedly, a massive wave slammed onto the cliff, and the two guys were swept into the ocean. Despite having fractured ribs and a gash on his back, Eric was able to cling to a stone and swim to shore. He rushed a mile to aid Jonathan, who was still in the water.

Williams stated that the family sought assistance from every conceivable agency, including the US Embassy, the Nassau Coast Guard, the US Coast Guard, and nearby police, in order to locate Brussow.

Brussow’s folks travelled to the island to help with the search. According to Williams, the villagers assisted them in their quest for Brussow. She praises the Bahamians for their capacity to keep searching despite a tropical storm. Tragically, Brussow’s body was discovered on a cliff several hundred yards below where he was seated when he was washed away.

Williams says she intends to keep his memory alive despite his death.

Williams added that he was in love with his life and had no regrets. He didn’t have any problems.

In her words, ‘I’ve never seen or witnessed someone love someone so truly as he did me. The person he was absolutely astounds me. He is still the same guy.’

The Williams and Brussow families had set up a Go fundme to cover memorial service costs and to introduce a security gadget on the Glass Window Bridge, close to where Brussow entered the water.

Williams also intended to secure new equipment for the local hospital, such as a much-needed mammography machine.

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