MOM SHAMING: Jessica Simpson slammed for giving 3-year-old daughter a pacifier

Fans are speaking out against Jessica Simpson.

The 42-year-old actress took to Instagram over the weekend to post a bunch of pictures of her family on a lake vacation. Birdie, Simpson’s 3-year-old daughter, was seen in some photos with a pacifier in her mouth.

Birdie’s comment section rapidly filled up with supporters who were upset that she was still using a pacifier at her age.

“Is it a pacifier!” remarked one user. “Birdies a little old for a binkie, don’t you think?” said another.

Another Instagram user questioned Birdie’s age, writing, “Why the binkie, isn’t she too old for that…????”

While some readers criticised Simpson’s parenting methods in the comments area, others backed her.

“I truly hope Jess does not see the heinous remarks on here. It must be soul-destroying to have people tear apart your images online “on a user’s remark.

“And before someone says, ‘Oh, she’s a public figure,’ NO, that doesn’t give you a free ticket to say nasty things; she is person, this is her place, and we know nothing about her personal life other than what she chooses to share.”

Simpson has not responded to the criticism, instead sharing a birthday Instagram post in which she expressed pride in her belief, perseverance, and courage.

She is extremely proud of her faith, resilience, and strength throughout the previous four decades, she penned beside a photo of herself in a black gown. She recognises herself, and adores herself. She knows what she is doing, and ladies and gentlemen, she can boldly waltz within whatever vision she has. She feels blessed and honoured to be her own best friend at long last.

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