Chris Hemsworth didn’t eat meat before kiss scene with vegan Natalie Portman in Thor

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman’s co-star, had her vegan diet in mind when filming Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love And Thunder, which was released in theatres last weekend.

During an interview, the actress said that the Australian hunk refrained from eating meat prior to their kissing session.

He’s quite kind. He didn’t eat meat that morning since she is a vegan, she explained to the site. She joked that it wasn’t easy for Hemsworth because he bulks up for the superhero movies by eating ‘meat like every half hour’ on top of his tough exercises.

Aside from the jokes, the Black Swan star recalls being impressed by Hemsworth’s kindness, particularly because she’d never requested him to give up his carnivorous habits for her.

She exclaimed that it was very considerate. That’s not something she is upset about or concerned about, but he was simply being considerate. He’s simply a really kind guy.

During the interview, she was joined by her other Thor: Love And Thunder co-star, Tessa Thompson, who joked that she didn’t even realise Hemsworth could go without eating meat. He’s like eating bison first thing in the morning.

After decades of vegetarianism, Portman went vegan in 2011. Unlike a vegetarian diet, which excludes meat, a vegan diet excludes meat as well as animal products such as dairy, eggs, and honey.

The vegan actress, like Hemsworth, was urged to bulk up her renowned small figure for her character Jane Foster’s metamorphosis into the Mighty Thor.

It was the first time the Oscar winner has been required to put on weight for a part, and she had previously disclosed that she lifted weights and consumed protein shakes to get into superhero condition.

She is believed to have trained for ten months to become her role, who is supposed to be six feet tall – roughly ten inches taller than her 5’3″ height.

She eventually grew to be the biggest she has ever been, she continued. 

She said, laughing, as a five-foot-three lady, she doubts she’ll ever be cast as a 6-foot persona again. She loved it when people noticed how big she was.

Portman contrasted the procedure to her Oscar-winning performance in 2010’s Black Swan, in which she notably shed 20 pounds through diet and training but now had to rebuild weight and muscle.

She recalls that she was urged to go as tiny as possible on Black Swan. She was told to grow as large as possible here. That’s an incredible task and also a woman’s state of mind.’

Portman’s epic superhero makeover was also warmly received by her kids, Amalia, five, and Aleph, eleven, whom she shares with husband Benjamin Millepied, who were overjoyed to witness their mom in action.

Portman remarked that she feels like she is at the point in her career when she is simply trying to impress her kids.

Her 5-year-old and 10-year-old were intrigued by the idea of visiting the set and seeing her suited up in a cape. It added to the cool factor. It’s unusual for her children to say, “Please go to work!” Typically, the reverse is true.

Despite mixed-but-positive reviews, Thor: Love And Thunder won the weekend box office with a $143 million start.

The newest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry fell just short of projections, which were for a $150 million opening.

The fourth solo Thor film starring Chris Hemsworth now has a B+ CinemaScore.

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