Worker Refuses To Donate Vacation Days To A Colleague With A Sick Daughter, Gets Hate From Entire Office, Wonders If He’s A Jerk.

Office life is filled with drama, and this tale demonstrates that you may become the villain even if you don’t do anything. This individual had saved up a few days off and intended to spend them with their family. Read the story to know what happened ancd let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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My coworker has a sick daughter with severe psoriasis (and some other health problems) and used up her PTO this year. My coworkers started a donation campaign at work for her and she asked me to donate. I told her I’d think about it but I wanted to save my days as a few family members wanted to get together this year for Christmas.

I also don’t know her well as I work in another section. My a*****e boss released an excel file of how many vacation days everyone had left (which was visible for everyone to see) and asked everyone to book the rest of their days.

They could see I had a week left and she and some other older coworkers started “friendly” conversation to see if I had some family emergency worthy of taking that time off for. When I booked it for Christmas it was clear it wasn’t for emergencies so they started making rude comments about my work during meetings and leaving me out of important emails intentionally.

I want to leave but I’m a new grad in a difficult field to get work in (photography) so I’m trying to get some experience. I got angry at the coworker(the one asking for vacation days) and asked her what her problem was (though I knew it was because of the vacation time). Her response? “You won’t need to ask that once you have kids”. Am I A Jerk?

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