Mom Shares Emotional Video Of Return To Work Days After Birth Of Preemie.

For every new parent, being with their child is very important. Maternity leave helps with this amazing journey of parenthood. However not all are lucky to have this leave. Some struggle with the baby and their work since not all countries give unpaid leaves.

Rebecca Shumard, a Pennsylvania mother, gave birth to her daughter Eden at 27 weeks. However she wanted to save her unpaid leaves so that she could spend her time with her sweet angel Eden after she leaves the NICU. Therefore, she decided to return back to work just 12 days later after her child was born.

For new parents the U.S. offers no paid family leave. Most Americans receive only 6 weeks of unpaid family leaves. In a TikTok video she expressed her sadness of feeling guilty of going to work while her baby was in the NICU. Also while working she struggles to pump milk and was worried she would have insufficient milk to feed Eden when she comes home.

The video had gone viral where people donated money and supplies for the struggling mother. She was so grateful for the love and support and has expressed saying “TikTok… because of you I will not be forced to choose between being with my daughter or paying the bills.”

After 72 days in the NICU, Eden cleared a car seat test and was able to go home. Shumard shares TikTok videos of the family and her journey with baby wearing and her new wearable breast pumps. She’s thankful for the love she received. She expressed that she wished the family leave in the country needed to be changed and it’s the government’s responsibility to do it.

May the family enjoy their wonderful time with their precious girl. If you agree that maternity leaves are necessary, please do share this post.

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