Schoolboys Steer Car Off Motorway After Mum Faints.

It’s not easy at a young age to find maturity when found in a difficult situation. Here is a story of 2 little heroes who were in a life threatening situation and how courageously they came over it.

Hari, 13, a school boy near Cardigan In Ceredigion with his friend Dylan were returning back home from Swansea City’s football academy. While going back home his mother Catrin fell sick. She suddenly passed out all of a sudden near junction 47 of the motorway and that’s when Hari quickly grabbed the steering wheel.

Hari expressed that he put his mother on the hard shoulder and while driving a mile down the M4 his friend Dylan, 12, shouted instructions from the rear of the vehicle to switch the hazard lights on and when they were about to halt Dylan told him to put the handbrake. While driving he was recalling all that his uncle told him on the farm.

The mother was taken to Morriston Hospital in Swansea and has been doing well. A major accident could have happened but thanks to the boys’ quick thinking all were safe. The children’s head teacher Carwen Morgan Davies proudly called them ‘heroes’.

I am sure their parents must be proud of them for being courageous and not panicking in such a situation. Do share this heroic story of these brave children. They definitely deserve to make the headlines.

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