Baby Girl Defies Expectations And Survives To Cuddle Her Twin Brother In Sweet Photo.

Here is a heart warming story of premature twins….Both fighters…..One fought bravely within her mother’s womb……the other fought his battle soon after his birth…..The picture of theirs cuddling each other would bring tears in the eyes of many.

Laura Hough, 27, a resident of Walton, Liverpool was to become mother for the first time. She was expecting twins, a baby girl and a baby boy. But Laura Hough and her husband Chris Carey shortly learnt that there were complications.

The doctors cited that the girl child’s growth was being affected due to insufficiency of nutrients. The doctors intended to perform an emergency C – section on Laura Hough after 28 weeks of her pregnancy. They made it clear to the would be parents that the girl child will not survive.

Laura had to visit the hospital twice every week for check up. This time around, there were complications with the girl child’s placenta. Reports showed that both the kids were in separate bags. The boy was doing just fine. There were issues with regard to the blood flow to the girl child.

However, surprisingly, when the parameters remained stable, the doctors decided to buy some more time to perform the emergency C – section. 30 weeks into pregnancy, Laura Hough, finally had to undergo an emergency C – section. She delivered adorable twins a baby boy and a baby girl. They named the girl child Neve and the baby boy Louie. They were premature kids. Louie weighed more than 3 lbs whereas Neve barely weighed more than 1 lb.

Neve fought her battle while she was in her mother’s womb. Louie had to fight his battle soon after his birth. Louie’s lungs weren’t functioning optimally. Doctors had to drain out air from his lungs. Both the kids needed critical care. Louie was separated as he required immediate medical attention. Neve, though weak did not require oxygen.

Two weeks later, Neve was shifted to the same hospital room in which her twin brother was recuperating. The following day both Neve and Louie were put in the same incubator. Laura Hough and Chris Carey, the proud parents of Neve and Louie, watched them cuddle each other. It seemed as if they were greeting each other by placing their arms and legs over each other.

At one point of time Neve was found putting her arms around Louie’s neck as if she was telling Louie how much she missed him. These adorable moments of the lovely twins were captured by their parents Laura and Chris, They even shared those pictures.

What stood out was the fighting spirit of the twin brother and sister. Neve was a little fighter right from the onset. Even though she was a premature weak child with numerous complications she survived and proved her doctors wrong who believed that she would never make it. She brought smile on the faces of her parents., Doctors adored little Neve and saluted her fighting spirit. The doctors and staff at Liverpool Women’s Hospital will definitely miss her after she gets discharged.

All who had witnessed little Neve’s journey will admit that she was a bundle of joy. They say ‘Great things come in small packages.’ Little Neve just proved them right!!!!. 

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