Bob Saget’s Wife Kelly Rizzo Pens Heartbreaking Tribute: ‘How Lucky Was I.’

January 9, 2022 was an unfortunate day in the life of Kelly Rizzo. The 42 year old “Eat Travel Rock” blogger, Kelly Rizzo lost her dear husband Bob Saget, the famous 65 year old American stand up comedian, actor, narrator and television host.

A day after her beloved husband’s funeral, Kelly Rizzo, took on to Instagram to post an emotional heart wrenching tribute. After keeping herself away from all social media platforms for almost a week she decided to post this eulogy dedicated to her late husband.

After the death of Bob Saget, Kelly Rizzo spent a week introspecting her life with THE BOB SAGET. She did not think that she was robbed of time but she with great gratitude admitted that she was blessed to be the wife of the most incredible man on earth, Bob Saget.

In 2018, Bob Saget married Kelly Rizzo, the host of Eat Travel Rock TV.. Kelly Rizzo considered herself to be the lucky one who got the chance to accompany him in their crazy ride of 6 years of marriage. For Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget was LOVE personified. He was full of love.. He loved his family profoundly. His actions and deeds showed how much he loved them. He loved his love of life, Kelly Rizzo.

During the 6 years of marital bliss, both Kelly and Bob were happy as never before. It was as if they had changed each others life completely. Kelly Rizzo was his LOVE and SOULMATE. Given the wonderful person that Bob Saget really was, she believed that he deserved every bit of her love and attention.

Kelly Rizzo also mentioned how much Bob Saget loved his family, friends and his beloved fans. Likewise, his fans too loved him and everyone, be it his near and dear ones or strangers, all extended their support to his family. They wanted to ensure that Kelly Rizzo was doing alright. Kelly Rizzo was touched by their love and concern.

Bob Saget breathed his last on 9th January, 2022 in a Florida Hotel where he had stayed after his stand up performance. The exact cause of his sudden demise is not yet known.

A day after Bob Saget’s private funeral service, Kelly Rizzo posted a selfie of them together, along with the heartfelt tribute for her beloved husband. The smile they both shared in the selfie goes on to say how much they both loved each other.

A private funeral service was organized on Friday, 14th January, 2022 in which Bob Saget’s Full House co- stars John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen paid their last respects to the late actor. Hundreds of Bob Saget’s fans and admirers flocked to his funeral.

Bob was a famous stand up comedian. He always thrived to bring smile on the faces of people. He had only LOVE and made sure he gave LOVE to all. Kelly Rizzo is determined to carry out his legacy of spreading LOVE. Her mission would be complete if she would, like her husband bring smile on the faces of people.

To accomplish the mission, she will not become a stand up comedian like her husband, but instead, by her own small gestures she will try to spread love and laughter worldwide. This would be her true tribute to her husband.

In her tribute, Kelly Rizzo also mentioned that Scleroderma Research Foundation was very dear to him. She resolved to strive harder to make him proud. Kelly Rizzo also reiterated that she will love Bob Saget’s three daughters forever.

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