Mother, 25, Of Twins Reveals She Was Left To Raise Her Babies Alone.

Life is precious even if its inside you-growing with you. Here is a story of a wonderful strong woman who decided not to abort instead proudly become a single mom and give her cute children a gift called life.

Single mother Maia Knight, 25, from New York expressed how she found courage to raise her twin daughters Violet and Scout.

She said she had randomly decided to take a pregnancy test and to her surprise it was positive then learnt she was 5 week pregnant. Her boyfriend demanded her to do an abortion. When she refused, at 7 weeks pregnant he deserted her.

She kept her pregnancy a secret to the world and moved in with her mom. She did feel at times lonely, emotional disturbed and was scared of being a single mom. At 34 week was diagnosed with preeclampsia. She started having contractions, went into heart failure and was taken to a hospital three hours far.

Her amazing little daughters Violet and Scout were born prematurely and were in the NIICU for 3 weeks. It was the love for her angelic children that made her understand she could manage being a single mom. She was not alone, she had the support and love of her family and friends.

On TikTok, Maia has around 6.7 million followers where she shares her life with her twins. Many people appreciated for her choosing to be a wonderful single mom and taking a brave decision. She definitely deserved someone better.

Being a single mom may be difficult at times yet it’s so precious and rewarding. May this mother daughters stay blessed with lots of happiness, love and good health. 

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