Mom warns others about the dangers of aerosol sunscreen after daughter suffers 2nd-degree burns

People are meant to be protected by sunscreen. However, this product seriously injured a one-year-old kid.

When spring arrives, folks want nothing more than to enjoy the sunshine. Families with small kids always try their utmost to keep their kids safe from the sun. This, of course, necessitates the use of enough sunscreen. However, can some sunscreen products end up damaging your kids?

That seems to be what occurred in this case.

Rebecca Cannon was taking her children to play when she discovered she had failed to pack sunscreen. Fortunately, Cannon’s sister had packed some Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 with her.

So Cannon put some on her hands and rubbed it on the face of her 14-month-old daughter, Kyla. But in no time, Kyla’s face had turned red and puffy. So Cannon carried the infant indoors in the hopes that the burns would heal.

But Kyla’s face was considerably terrible the next morning. Her skin was burning due to the increased redness.

Cannon hurried Kyla to the hospital as soon as she spotted her child in this condition. Kyla was diagnosed with second-degree burns by the physicians.

The mom couldn’t figure out how her child had gotten the burns. After all, she had slathered Kyla in sunscreen and encouraged her to wear a hat.

Cannon was given a cream for her little girl’s face by the physicians. Cannon put it to Kyla’s face twice, and her skin just got redder. As a result, the mother rushed her child to the emergency hospital once more.

A dermatologist examined Kyla this time and listened to her mom’s narrative. The dermatologist found that the burns were caused by the sunscreen.

Cannon was right to be upset. She informed the sunscreen business, Banana Boat, about her baby’s problem.

The firm replied by saying Cannon may get a refund and that they would test their goods. Cannon never heard back from the firm after that.

Cannon then chose to do her own study on the sunscreen and was astounded by what she discovered.

Several other parents had also reported about their kids becoming sunburned from the sunscreen.

Soon after, a variety of media outlets began looking into the Banana Boat sunscreen allegations. Health Canada then disclosed that it had obtained nine complaints about Banana Boat items and was looking into the situation.

Banana Boat has stressed on the safety of its goods. It stated the following: “All Banana Boat products are rigorously tested to guarantee proper labelling and compliance with all relevant health standards, including SPF tests.”

Yet, Banana Boat has a history of product problems. Some of its sunscreen spray products had to be withdrawn in 2012 since they led individuals to catch fire after using it and being close to an open flame.

Cannon must be feeling bad for no wrongdoing of her own. She made precautions to keep her toddler safe from sunburn. However, the product ended up hurting the baby. She will avoid Banana Boat sunscreen in the future.

Banana Boat sunscreen products are still available today. When utilising them, everyone should be careful.

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