Pregnant Woman Denied Service At Restaurant For Wearing A Crop Top

Most of us go out of our way to help expectant moms. We all know how stressful a nine-month pregnancy can be for many women. From giving our seats on public transit to just smiling, most of us strive to do small things for pregnant women to show that we understand their situation.

However, a restaurant in Marysville, Washington, actually requested a pregnant lady to leave because she was wearing a crop top that displayed her naked tummy.

At the time of the event, Charisha Raylee Gobin was seven months pregnant. She wore for the hot summer night in a flowing skirt and a cropped t-shirt with the words “weirdo” printed across the chest.

While the ensemble may seem surprising to some of older generations, crop tops have been a mainstay in current fashion trends for quite some time. The only thing that distinguished Charisha from other crop top wearers was that her stomach protruded from beneath the hem of her cropped shirt.

According to Charisha, the restaurant requested Charisha to leave due to “health code violations.” When Charisha left the restaurant, she was furious and uploaded a furious diatribe on her Facebook page, along with a photo of the reportedly “inappropriate” clothing.

As the news spread and local citizens promised never to visit the restaurant again, the restaurant’s management stepped in to publish an apology on their social media page:

The waiter in concern has been with the organisation for over 20 years, Buzz Inn management said in a statement to local news outlets. She was attempting to apply her best judgement and was in no way trying to belittle Charisha. The business then expressed its “sincerest apologies.”

While most people were shocked by the restaurant’s conduct, other members of the community actually supported the restaurant, stating that Charisha’s attire was wrong whether she was pregnant or not. One social media user remarked that the attire was just unappealing, urging all of us to be considerate of others in our fashion choices.

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section. Was Charisha harmed by the Buzz Inn, or should she use more judgement while dressing?

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