Mom Who Makes $150K a Month from OnlyFans Says Catholic School Expelled Her 3 Sons Because of Her Page

Crystal Jackson, 44, from California says that her three sons were barred from their school due to her existence on an adult social platform.  

She’s been furious by the reply to her adult platform photos, which were seeped to Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento by other parents and eventually led to her three sons getting expel.

She said that it is fine to take her down but her children should have been left out of this. She added that her kids are really decent and all this is painful for them. She said that she cannot take it anymore since this behaviour is awful.

The principal at Sacred Heart Parish School, Theresa Sparks, said she could not afford any info on the state of affairs.

The adult social platform is payment-based where handlers can sell admittance to their photos and videos, few of them are overt.  

Crystal said that she and her husband, Chris, joined the platform in September 2019 after facing marital glitches and they tried diverse things to save their marriage. However, Crystal agreed using the platform but she didn’t think anybody would essentially subscribe. She said that her pictures are precisely what attracted to her followers.

She said that her images are pretty tame and do not contain pornography. She further added that it’s a way that she can work on their closeness and she can live out her whims. It has made their association a lot healthier in the intimacy part and the bond of their marriage has become sturdier.

Things became problematic for the couple when a father from Sacred Heart Parish School landed on Crystal’s adult platform. The father told his wife, who ultimately blowout the news around the school. Soon after, a cluster of community mothers went after Crystal, taking the photographs to the school and persistently influenced that her sons be expelled.

Crystal claims the mothers print all of her photos from the adult platform and send them secretly in a pack to the principal.

After knowing about the packet, Crystal wrote a note to the supervisor clearing up the circumstances and offered to show the adult social page to show that their content was not pornographic, however, they did not get a response.

Crystal was later removed as a second-grade class mother by the school subsequent to parent worries. After months of argument, she received an email that specified her sons were formally barred.

She said that her sons are distressed about the result but do not know particulars of the situation.

After their kids’ dismissal, the duo is looking out other schools for their sons.

Crystal hopes her tale will inspire females to be nicer to one another and respect others. She believes that the world would be such a better place if females could just help each other.

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