Mom’s ‘nagging’ text about baby’s car seat saved his life in car wreck

Rebecca Tafaro Boyer of Memphis informed her hubby David on her first first day back to work after maternity leave that she needed “hourly updates and recaps” on how their 3-month-old baby William was doing his first day away from his mom. Throughout the day, David sent updates, along with a snapshot of William in his car seat on their drive to Walgreens.

Boyer explained in a Facebook post on that July day in 2018 that as a nagging wife, her response was to fix William’s posture in the car seat. The straps were too big, and the chest clasp was too low. And, knowing her husband, she is sure he rolled his eyes at her before fastening the car seat and adjusting the chest clip.

Boyer’s phone rang fifteen minutes later with a call from her hubby: “Honey, we had a vehicle crash.” We’re alright, but the automobile will be wrecked.” Boyer recalled that a woman had driven into traffic to turn left less than 3 miles from their home, and her husband had not had sufficient time to brake.

Boyer “hit the brakes at approximately 50 miles per hour before hitting her SUV’s front passenger side door,” the new mother said on Facebook. The right usage of the car seat saved the life of infant William.

Despite the impact of the two automobiles, William merely got a tiny shock so little that he was able to continue his sleep, and then spend the next two hours mingling with nurses at the Le Bonheur ED.

Boyer claimed her husband was not so fortunate: he is on crutches, with his foot shattered in three places and three dislocated toes. But automobiles can be replaced; her boys can’t, she added, referring to the car’s entire loss.

Boyer said that she revealed her experience to emphasise that car seats save lives and that all newborns should be rear-facing in back seats of automobiles until the age of two, strapped in a five-point harness on a car seat base that does not move more than one inch in any direction.

Boyer expressed that she is so grateful that her husband spent an additional one minute to secure William in his car seat. She can’t even conceive how different things may have turned out. She genuinely feels that her family is at home, sitting on the sofa with crutches, rather than in the hospital, due to her awful pestering mom voice.

Boyer made the post private when her pals requested whether they may share her tale with their friends. She was “astonished” when the post went viral with over 31,000 shares, she added.

Boyer stated that she will always remember the sensation she got when she came up to the crash site and saw with her own eyes that they were OK, noting that she wished to convey her thanks with others.

Readers tagged the Britax car seat business after discovering that the seat that rescued William’s life was the Britax BSafe 35, which prompted the car seat manufacturer to contact out to see if they could repair the seat for free, according to Boyer once a car seat is in an accident, it cannot be used again.

While she valued the gesture, Boyer stated that she and her husband had previously changed their car seat with another Britax courtesy to their insurance provider. Instead, Boyer said that she requested Britax to provide a car seat to the Forrest Spence Fund in Memphis, Tenn., an organisation that assists families of kids with severe or chronic diseases with day-to-day necessities.

Boyer explained their old broken car seat will be donated to the NICU at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital so it can be used to teach new parents on how to safely and responsibly secure their kids.

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