Plus-size blogger reveals opens up about what it’s like to travel as a ‘fat’ person.

A plus-size travel blogger has expressed about the challenges she encounters as a ‘big’ person on planes, publicly chronicling her efforts to fit in plane seats and facilities, saying she is frequently obliged to book two seats in order to fly ‘comfortably.’

Jae’lynn Chaney, 25, of Vancouver, Canada, travels to exotic areas across the world on a regular basis and documents her adventures on TikTok, along with her problems with being a size 6XL.

The influencer’s weight has fluctuated over the years, especially since she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure in the blood arteries related to the lungs, in 2019 – which caused her to gain 100 pounds.

@jaebaeofficial I get asked how the airplane bathrooms are for someone my size all the time so I thought I’d show you what it’s like from my fiancés point of view! The bathroom wasn’t that clean just tbh #airplanebathroom #flyingwhilefat #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltok #traveltok #travel #plussizeedition #airplane #boeing737 #southwestairlines #plussizestruggles #travellife #plussizetraveller ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The blogger exposes how airlines don’t accommodate to larger sizes in a series of clips that have now gone viral with millions of views, with seats too tight for her stature and her companion Jacob Ard just fitting into tiny bathroom facilities.

@jaebaeofficial While some people like to bring their own seatbelt exstensions, my recommendation nowadays is to just ask for one once you board the plane! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, plenty of people use them! ✈️❤️ #flyingwhilefat #plussizeflying #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltok #seatbeltextender #flyingplussize #traveltok #fyp ♬ Unstoppable – Sia

When travelling, Jae’lynn must make some modifications, as she explains that somebody her size is virtually obliged to buy two tickets in order to fly comfortably, which makes flying difficult to individuals who cannot manage the extra charges.

She discovered that many scenarios involving plus size travel are the least tolerant of her weight.

From public transportation with seat belts that don’t fit her or seats that are too tiny, to airline toilets that she can’t even fit in, adding travelling as one plus-size traveller comes with several difficulties.

@jaebaeofficial The comment section on one of my most recent travel videos was not it, so I’m here to remind you that ALL BODIES CAN BE TRAVEL BODIES! ✈️ If it’s your dream to travel, don’t let anyones opinion hold you back! ❤️ #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltok #plussizetraveltoo #flyingwhilefat #flyingwhiledisabled #plussizeflying #bodyacceptance #traveltiktok #plussizetiktok #fyp ♬ Tuesday (feat. Danelle Sandoval) – Burak Yeter

Jae’lynn was a size 2XL in high school, but after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, she ‘gained hundreds of pounds.’

Jae’lynn fell terribly ill after graduating from college in 2018, and it took doctors ‘almost a year’ to figure out what was wrong with her.

When she was originally diagnosed, she was in and out of the hospital the next year, 2019, and was declared to be ‘medically housebound.’

Jae’lynn ‘gained almost 100 pounds more’ that year.

Not only is she over size, but also deals with chronic pain and impairments, explains Jae’lynn.

Her most famous video, which has three million views, depicts her companion attempting to manoeuvre around in a tiny toilet stall as his body hits practically every surface.

She gets questioned how the airline toilets are for someone her size all the time, so she thought she would show what it’s like from her fiancés point of view, she said in the post.

Users on social media have rushed to the comments area to express their opinions.

Jae’lynn demonstrates the terrible constraints of airplane design in another footage, published with the hashtag ‘#flyingwhilefat,’ by attempting to pull down a tray table.

@jaebaeofficial Reply to @jelliclecatherine Honestly all planes are different. This one had enough room for my fiancé to put the tray table down. Sometimes first class or upgraded seats allow for the tray table to come all the way down but not all airlines have upgraded options. #flyingwhilefat #plussizeflying #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltok #traveltok #plussizestruggles #fatstruggle #fatstruggles #plussizeedition #fyp #MINDORDERING ♬ Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like) [feat. Tobymac] – Grits

She also shows off a seatbelt extender she was given since a standard seatbelt didn’t fit her correctly.

Unfortunately, Jae’lynn also receives harsh internet remarks from trolls.

According to Jae’lynn, one of her remarks stated that she is ‘going to cause an aircraft disaster due to her size.

@jaebaeofficial I’ve been bombarded with h@te comments over my travel videos. People have gone as far as to tell me to unalive myself. But I won’t ever stop creating representation for people of all sizes and abilities. Even when it gets hard! ❤️ #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltok #flyingwhilefat #flyingwhiledisabled #plussizetiktok #traveltok #fatliberation #fatacceptance #fatwanderbabes #plussizeedition #fyp ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

Many of the comments indicate that she paid two tickets or that she should not be permitted to fly.

Considering her difficulties, Jae’lynn is willing to prove to her followers that they, too, can embrace their bodies no matter their size and enjoy travelling.

She explained when she talked about fitness, she emphasized movement that offers them happiness and helps their bodies feel good.

Jae’lynn is not interested in losing weight right now; instead, she is ‘interested in doing what makes her body feel great and what makes her happy.’

She aspires to demonstrate, through her optimistic attitude and social media, that “bodies of various sizes and capacities are just as deserving as those who fit into the traditional norm of beauty.”

Jae’lynn observes that “bodies vary and vary throughout time,” and she feels that it is essential to “love and cherish our body at every phase of life.”

Jae’lynn is ‘building awareness and encouraging others to live their life to the fullest’ by chronicling her adventure, and she is teaching all that ‘they can travel the globe if it’s what they dream of.’

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