Mom’s Unique Punishment For 13-Year-Old Son Who Got Suspended Goes Viral.

A mother from Shreveport, Louisiana took a call to punish her son after he got suspended from school by making him do free yard work for the local community. Jadarien Payne, just 13, has been suspended for 3 days from his school under a disciplinary action as the teenager talked back to his teacher. 

Jadarien’s mother, Demetris Payne, uploaded a photo of him with a deadpan expression on his face as she revealed to her family and friends that he would do free work for them. She mentioned in her post that Jadarien will do their lawn service, pick up trash, clean-up the lawn and wash their car for free and he will do all these for maximum of 3 hours.

Jadarien’s mother made sure to keep her friends and family updated with his three day suspension by uploading numerous pictures of her son’s hard work. She communicated her gratitude for allowing her son to do their yards and supporting them.

Her friends were obviously impressed with her great parenting skills. Someone commented that she should share her ideas with other parents since her manner of punishment may help many other children. 

Several people admired her and even said that she is mom of the year and mothers like her makes America great. According to them, Jadarien is really very lucky to have a mother like her who loves him this much.

Someone wrote that she has given a valuable lesson to the young boy and parents like her are the school’s dream.

Jadarien’s mother said that it seems like a vacation for him when she got back home and saw her son eating strawberries and amusing with his dad. At first, he did not believe and neither took it with much seriousness when she revealed her plans to make him work. She further revealed that she did not wanted to be soft with her son but rather wanted him to learn a lesson.

But then apparently Jadarien obeyed and did not make any objections for next 3 days. He spent about two hours cleaning up people’s yards, working at least eight different homes. 

After he was done his mother took him to the library where he spent the rest of the afternoon reading and doing schoolwork projects.

Jadarien’s mother then explained him that we should always respect our teachers no matter if the teacher is right or wrong. He made to work not because of punishment but to learn discipline, some daily work and take a lesson too.

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