Mom Sentenced For Fatally Abusing Child For Charity Handouts.

Kelly Turner’s daughter Olivia Gant received needless surgical treatments and medications until dying in hospital care. Doctors take a closer look simply after her demise.

Kelly Turner, a mother from Colorado was penalized to 16 years in prison as part of an appeal that threw out murder charges. Kelly gravely ill-treated her merely 7 year old daughter and lie down about her health to get donations from charities value at least $100,000.

Judge Patricia Herron delivered the verdict after Kelly Turner pled guilty to child exploitation resulting in death of her daughter, Olivia Gant and to charitable scam and theft.

Kelly Turner said nothing during her virtual sentencing hearing but wiped away tears as prosecutors played a video made by Lonnie Gautreau, Olivia’s grandfather that shows Olivia singing songs, laughing and smiling, dancing in a princess costume and playing doctor with her dolls.

Olivia’s grandfather joined the virtual hearing with a picture of his granddaughter at his side. His eyes were tearing up throughout the proceedings. He said in a statement that was read by the prosecutor at the time of hearing that this reality about Olivia has triggered such a deep pain that it continues to wreak havoc on him every single day.

Turner shifted to Colorado from Texas with her three daughters and told doctors over the years that Olivia was sick with various sicknesses, convincing health specialists to execute surgeries for ailments that she didn’t have.

Olivia had received needless surgeries and treatments up till her passing in Denver hospital care. Authorities have alleged that her mother lied to doctors about Olivia’s medical past while spreading her struggles to take money and other favouritisms from charitable establishments.

Olivia happily sang Hakuna Matata from “The Lion King” as she was wheeled into hospital care in Denver wearing purple pyjamas. She sang a song also that her mother videoed. Sadly, she died less than a month later.

Olivia’s mother put out quite a few video clips highlighting the little girl’s fight with illness and death. Authorities said that her mother used these videos to fool doctors and call for favours and monetary contributions. Turner spent years fabricating her daughter’s illness to gain kindness from television news bulletin and charitable foundations. According to prosecutors, the amount of theft from aid was in the middle of $100,000 and $1 million.

Olivia’s reason of death was initially recorded as abdominal failure, but a post-mortem later found no signal of that situation. Though authorities have not said what killed her but according to their allegation, it seems like Turner had discontinued feeding her daughter.

A number of doctors said that Turner was the main source of info for Olivia’s medical past. Investigators exposed blogs and news in which Turner described Olivia’s numerous health situations without medical evidence. At Olivia’s first emergency room visit, a doctor believed she looked normal but the next year a doctor at the same hospital detached part of her small intestine and implanted a feeding tube.

These negligent actions stimulated a $25 million claim by Olivia’s grandparents and father against a hospital system she received years of treatments. They claimed that the hospital was unsuccessful in its duty as an obligatory reporter of child exploitation. Though the case was resolved later.

Before Olivia was admitted to hospital where she passes away, doctors said she had only been receiving about 30% of the essential nourishment. All over Turner’s crusade to bring attention to her dying daughter, she wanted aids to help accomplish Olivia’s dreams of catching a bad guy with police and being a fire-fighter.

An audio-visual put out by authorities shows Olivia riding on a truck, putting out a fire in a dumpster and telling fire-fighters to stand at attention and all of which are met with the little girl’s smiles and enjoyment even with more than a few medical tubes poking out of her rucksack.

Despite the fact that Turner’s conduct raised up doubts along the way, it was only after Olivia deceased in hospital care, Turner carried one of her other two daughters to the same hospital with bone pain that doctors decided to take a closer look. The teenage girl, just 13 has not testified any supplementary medical complications or complaints of pain since last couple of years and now is in her grandparents’ custody.

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