Mother Who Feeds Her Five-Month-Old Steak Is Slammed Online.

A mother loves, cares and protects her child unconditionally. She knows what’s best for her child.

Katie Harley, a 23-year-old South Carolina woman who routinely posts about her family on TikTok, became popular after posting a video of her daughter Eliza eating a steak. In the brief video, which has almost 200,000 views, the newborn girl looks to be happy to be eating the meat as she carefully chews it.

Critics rushed to contend that it’s ‘hazardous’ for 6 months old Eliza to eat medium uncommon steak, however others shielded Katie saying they’ve additionally taken care of their own small kids steak.

Katie expressed that she never imagined the video of her daughter eating would be so problematic. However she was grateful that a discussion has started concerning the way kids are fed and science behind it.

Katie responded to one commenter by saying she had looked into whether or not it was safe to feed an infant steak. The mother said that she only feeds Eliza foods that she would eat herself.

‘Those loooove providing parenting advice to people who didn’t ask,’ she captioned a second video of her kid eating a steak. As she nibbled into the steak in the footage, Eliza’s sweater and high chair eventually were coated in pink fluids from the meat.

One complaint remarked that she googled and stated no rare or medium rare beef for newborns or young toddlers. Their stomachs aren’t equipped to deal with the microorganism.

While another added that it was too red for her and she wouldn’t be eating it like that. She further mentioned that it’s really simple to choke on steak. Recently her grown niece choked on it which was terrifying.

The other complaint was that it was not even cooked.

Plenty of parents who defended Katie stated that they, too, have fed their kids steak. ‘It’s beneficial for children and fosters jaw growth and strength,’ one user remarked.

‘When my son was six months old, he was eating steak… there was nothing wrong with it. Anything that doesn’t interest them will enrage people,’ said another.

‘Does anyone believe the infant was anaemic?’ remarked another. Our physician advised me to feed steak to my son in order to increase his iron levels.’

Others asserted they’ve taken care of their own youngsters steak, while blaming critics for getting ‘frantic at anything’

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