Montana Grandpa Learns His Fate After Impregnating 11-Yr-Old Granddaughter.

Grandparents might be some of a kid’s favorite people. Since grandparents are part of the family but not directly related to them like parents, they may often be easier on them and hence extremely attractive individuals to spend time with. When a grandparent exploits their personal bond with a kid, like one 55-year-old Montana man did, it can be one of the most horrific crimes conceivable.

Mikeal Shane Pruett, 55, was arrested in June of this year after his 11-year-old granddaughter fell pregnant with his kid. In August, she gave birth to the incestuous child.

Pruett proceeded through the court system and was convicted of these heinous acts. He was sentenced to 200 years in jail after impregnating his 11-year-old granddaughter and sexually assaulting her younger sister.

Pruett was sentenced to 100 years in prison for each count of incest.

“The only real question is how much should be suspended,” said Bill Fulbright, the attorney for the county of Ravalli. “In my opinion, he has established no boundaries in his life when it comes to committing sexual transgressions.” “Every aspect of the defendant’s life and behavior in Ravalli County has resulted in a 100-year sentence.”

Pruett was the victims’ grandpa as well as their legal guardian. He took advantage of their closeness to assault them and sexually prey on his 11-year-old granddaughter. He will be imprisoned until he is 105 years old, at which point he will be entitled to parole for the first time.

Pruett was well-known to the judge. He remembered seeing the man as he had a lengthy history of predatory sexual misbehavior with really young ladies. Pruett was not only known to the county, but he was also a free man who had been awarded guardianship over two young girls.

Pruett seemed to “lack any type of appearance of a conscience,” according to the court, and freely abused the children whenever he could.

Pruett would be a danger to young female children if he was ever freed from jail, according to Ravalli County District Judge Jeffrey Langton. This also showed that the court had little faith in Pruett’s ability to change his ways since he had an unbreakable attraction to small kids.

Pruett’s history of sexual misbehavior with kids and members of his family was evident to Judge Langdon.

Attorney Fulbright was the one who suggested Pruett receive 100 years in prison for each act of incest he was guilty of. The court agreed that this was the wisest course of action and condemned Pruett to jail for this period of time.

Pruett’s heinous actions became clear when his granddaughter went to the clinic and was determined to be 32 weeks pregnant. Pruett abused her and her 9-year-old sister while acting as their legal guardian.

Soon after the girl’s pregnancy was revealed, she was taken for an interview with Val Widmer, the director of the children’s advocacy center Emma’s House. Widmer’s objective was to figure out what occurred and who did this to her.

Pruett brought the kid in for the interview and sat in the waiting room while the victim told Widmer all about how her grandpa sexually abused her.

But, in order to safeguard her grandfather, the child initially told Widmer a lie. She said she had intercourse with a boy at the Ravalli County Fair. However, the fair was from the previous summer and could not justify the pregnancy. Widmer went to see the girl after she gave birth in August, and she told him the truth: Pruett was the dad.

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