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Newlyweds killed in early morning crash less than 48 hrs after their wedding.

Less than 48 hours after eloping, Jessiah Plemons, 31, and Lily Rose, 25, were slain when a truck hit and killed them as they stood by their wrecked vehicle.

The Tennessee couple, together with Madison Davis, 23, were involved in a collision on a highway exit ramp at 3 a.m. on October 17, as per Knoxville police.

They all got out of their truck, and then another truck struck them and their car. At the spot, they were all declared dead.

“I believe what made it tougher was the fact that she was the happy she’d ever been and it was ripped away from her,” Lily’s cousin, August McClelland, said.

Jessiah, Lily, and Madison were heading on the I-40 West exit ramp to Weisgarber Road when their Dodge pickup left the road and collided with a railing, according to cops.

They are said to have all left the car and were standing next to it when another pickup truck hit them and their vehicle.

The second vehicle’s driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Jessiah and Lily’s families must now grieve their loss.

Lily was the life and soul of their family. She would just bring light into the room. Her laughter would fill the room, Lily’s aunt, Selena McClelland expressed.

The couple’s relatives had no idea they had eloped. Jessiah had requested his mom, Michelle Plemons, to watch the couple’s kids on Friday, but no one understood why Jessiah had taken in his elder sister’s 2 kids, and Lily had 2 kids.

Jessiah’s sister, Milea Effler, claimed she found out about her brother’s wedding on Facebook and wanted to congratulate him but never had the opportunity.

The next thing she knows, there’s a knock on her door. And it’s every mom’s worst fear. It’s every mom’s worst fear, Plemons remarked.

This is a total catastrophe. Jessiah and Lily’s wedding should have been celebrated with family and friends, so instead they must now lament their loss.

Please pray for their families at this painful time.

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