More Than 1,000 ‘Waiting In Line’ To Adopt Baby Dumped By Side Of Road.

Just 6 months old baby girl was found abandoned in north of Atlanta.  She was enveloped in a grocery sack and still had her umbilical cord attached. The baby was named India and officers say they have received inquiries for her adoption from more than 1000 would-be parents.  The hunt continues to find the mother who abandoned her.

There is no dearth of would-be-parents to adopt baby India who was found abandoned by the road side near Atlanta.  The 6 months old India has more than 1000 parents lined up to embrace her for forever.

Tom Rawlings, the director of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services confirmed that they have people waiting in line to offer that child with a forever home. According to Rawlings, there is presently a waiting list of about 200 families looking to adopt babies in Georgia itself.

It was just after 10 pm in Forsyth County north of Atlanta when India was found by dual sisters, Kyler Ragatz and Kayla Ragatz who then reached out to the police. They said they’d overheard a sound like a cat and saw a baby’s arm piercing out of a plastic bag. Though India had no significant injuries but when officers attained they found the baby who still had her umbilical cord attached and was tainted with blood from the birth.

Officers have made a video of the rescue and it was made public. An assistant can be seen reaching for the plastic bag containing the baby before tearing it open and revealing the new-born inside. 

Terry Roper, an official who was first on the sight told to a television program that he wanted to give her ease and slightly later he understood it was the first time she had felt love and Terry felt privileged to be capable enough to give her that.

India was then passed to medical first respondents who did first aid on the new-born before covering her in a blanket.

Authorities have been watching for the girl’s mother since then and asking people through Twitter if anyone in the area knows a female who was in late phases of pregnancy.

Tom Rawlings said India is now giggling and is being well cared for. But he couldn’t say where she is for privacy motives. He believes that it is not less than a miracle the way she had survived. Rawlings have been working in child protective services for almost 20 years now but he considers this as one of the most exciting, wonderful miracles he has seen in his life.         

Officers are now enlightening the public that the state of Georgia has a regulation named Safe Haven. This law permits a child’s mother to leave her baby up to 30 days old with a member of staff of any health facility and there will be no trial.

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