“No, We Are Not A Same-Sex Couple, But We Do Share A Daughter.”

Co-parenting indeed has its ups and downs but David, a biological father and Dylan a bonus daddy are making it appear ordinary in a photo-shoot and pleasing Facebook post that lately went viral.

Willow, so called their Princess has not only transformed the life of her biological father, David but also to her bonus daddy Dylan through her love and affection. A photo frame says it all with Willow in the centre, Dylan to the left and David to the right.

David and Dylan have shaped themselves into an exceptional family to let Willow know the power of love. They are not a same sex couple but still they share a darling daughter. David happens to be Sarah’s ex-husband and Dylan is her husband-to-be and this is how the bond is. 

Dylan is thankful that he not only gained a lovely daughter but also sees David as his best buddy.  Dylan believes that a shared ground can be achieved and differences drop out when the children are treated as the most priority.  

Willow gets equal attention and care from both the fathers. They believe this is the way to change our point of view that society has imparted on us towards ex husbands and fathers. Dylan have faith that such efforts will make life free of animosity and sorrow and our children will overcome the silly standards that media has pushed on us.

David and Willow treat Dylan as family and whenever he comes over to visit them, he is invited to stay overnight. They both feel that Dylan is and always will be a part of life and a bonus daddy for Willow as he share the same daughter with David.

David praises Sarah and her kind large heart for making such a great connection possible between them. On the other hand, Sarah feels that an open communication is vital for a fruitful co-parenting but then she confesses that it hasn’t constantly been easy. She had made the relationship flourish by keeping her sentiments away and making Willow a main concern and priority entirety. She feels as an adult, it is our accountability to be the parent and put our kids first and not let our emotional state disturb our children.

Nevertheless their family equation is surely exceptional, Sarah says they couldn’t be better-off with how it’s played out. And most importantly it has made little Princess Willow one of the fortunate daughters in this world to have three parents who love her so unconditionally.

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