Erika Jayne Slammed For Comparing Herself To Jesus Christ Amid Legal Woes.

Erika Jayne, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, in troubled water and receives criticism after apparently comparing herself to the religious figure Jesus Christ. She has faced public scrutiny for her on-going legal troubles.

Numerous torn Erika Jayne, 50, for implying that being criticized in the court of public opinion is the same as Jesus being crucified on the cross.

A part of the fan’s post recite that this is exactly how Jesus Christ died and he was also calling out the legal representative who is fighting against Jayne in court and trying to nail back loads of dollars.

Someone’s tweet says Erika Jayne as absolutely insane and has lost her mind for comparing herself with Jesus Christ.  

Another fan posted that the attorney Ronald Richards should be expelled for ‘unethical practice’ by insulting her for misbehavior the courts never charged her for.

A so called super-fan of Erika has said that Ronald Richards has dented the judicial system by making allegations in anticipations it will inspire community view to supersede the courts. The fan further said that such conduct is precarious & irresponsible for our society and every person should take notice of it.

Ronald Richards has been very up-front on social media about Erika Jayne in her husband’s bankruptcy case. He publicly called for the reality star to return $25 million that he believes she wrongly took from her husband’s firm. Ronald even tweeted that he will be keeping a close eye on the next episodes of Erika’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that was just broadcasted.

Ronald Richards has aggressively defended his remarks about Erika Jayne that there is not a single proclamation that he has posted is not precise and at times the truth hurts.

In the meantime, Jayne just added more fuel to the fire with equating herself to Jesus Christ. 

People left no time taking the Twitter to criticize Jayne for her controversial remarks.

Erika Jayne went back on her Instagram and shared another post that termed her critics as unaware. She said that this is not a post associating her to Jesus Christ but it is rather comparing a disreputable attorney who is trying to weaken the legal structure by persuading the courts to action based on community view and not by the rule. This is just similar to what happened with Jesus Christ.

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