“My Mom Forgot About My Baby Shower And Threw My Sister One Instead. Am I Overreacting?”

For parents every child is the same but not always. At times there are parents who have their favourite child and do everything for the child and neglect or ignore the other child. Here in this story a daughter felt the same when her mother gave importance to the other child. Read the story and let us know whether the woman has taken the right decision involving her parents.

Source: Reddit

My mom is obsessed with my sister – my sister has never worked, doesn’t have a car, and her life is fully funded by my parents despite the fact that she is married and 27 years old. I (30F) own two small businesses with my husband and we work hard. My husband and I had a miscarriage last year and were overjoyed to find out we were pregnant again this fall. My parents were so excited and were way more loving and attentive than they’ve ever been. That is, until my sister announced she was also pregnant. With twins.

I have been supportive of my sister but was secretly devastated we’d be pregnant at the same time bc I knew my parents would not care about my pregnancy and my child would constantly be compared to my sisters kids for his entire life. They’re due about 35 days apart but my sister is having an elective c-section and has moved the date back farther each month so that we’re now due six days apart.

My friends and husband thought I was overreacting, until it was time for my baby shower. We live out of state, but my mom promised a virtual shower and we picked a date of April 11. I work a lot because our staff is still furloughed, so I figured it was handled. I followed up a few times and was told they were figuring it out, and then was like omg it’s almost April 11! I called my mom that Friday to find out if it was happening, but she didn’t answer.

April 11 came and nothing. And then, my mom texted me a beautiful elaborate invitation to my sister’s baby shower in a few weeks.

That’s it. She never called me back or anything. I realized that she completely forgot about it altogether. My husband no longer thinks I’ve overreacted, and we are now assuming neither of my parents will be coming to help with the baby or have much interest at all. I’ve worked really hard in therapy to forgive and learn to deal with my family because I want my son to have grandparents and cousins, but I don’t know if I want either of us to be in a family system where we don’t matter. I know how that feels already.

Am I overreacting or being hormonal? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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