Mother And Brother Wants Her To Apologize When She Took Side Of Her Sister-In-Law.

Every relation has its own place. For a husband his family started with his wife and for the wife her family starts with her husband. Both parents, be it the girls side or the boys side should know where to draw a line and not interfere in their children’s married life. Read the story and let us know whether the sister was right in correcting her brother who is not only a son but also a husband.

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My f29 brother m26 and his wife f24 live at my mom’s house. Mom tends to get involved in their marriage constantly and my brother lets her. Sil always complains about mom steamrolling her decisions and violating her privacy.

When Sil got pregnant mom got worse, she went out and brought a whole nursery and put it in her room despite Sil having one in her room. Their most recent conflict is about mom pushing to be in the delivery room and Sil saying no, my brother not only is siding with mom but he’s making promises to her to keep her happy.

Last week we were gathered at mom’s house for my brother’s birthday, his friends came and asked why Sil wasn’t at the dinner table. My brother nonchalantly said that she was just being a princess, acting spoiled and immature over everything. I was shocked and hurt on her behalf, so I responded “actually…she’s probably just upset now that she’s realized that you’re a grade a mama’s boy ready to do whatever mom says while ignoring your wife’s wishes”.

Brief silence while his friends stared, he started arguing about how disrespectful I was, he told my husband to say something and my husband just said ” don’t mind me…I’m just a bystander–sitter”. Dinner got awkward and my brother’s friends left early. He went off on me saying I embarrassed him before friends and ruined his birthday dinner. I decided to go home cause he kept yelling. Mom then called demanding I apologize for the rude things I said at dinner but I refused.

What are your opinions? Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize.

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