Mother At 30, Becomes Youngest Grandmother After Daughter, 14, Gives Birth.

Kelly Healey, a mother-of-five who became Britain’s youngest grandmother at 30 when her teenage daughter Skye Salter gave birth to Bailey in August 2018. However, Kelly said that it ‘doesn’t feel right being a granny.

When Kelly found out that her daughter was pregnant, she offered love and support because she thought what was done was done. But Kelly did admit that she never ever expected to find out that she was going to be a grandma while still in her 20s.

Kelly said that there was no point in screaming at Skye about contraception and safe sex and all she could do was to offer love and care to her teenaged daughter. She believes that being a mother you just have to deal with such things.

Kelly’s friends think it’s funny that she has got a grandson and he is always getting mistaken for her son.

Skye was living with her step-mother and father in West London when she did a digital test out of the blue and found out she was expecting in 2018. She was swiftly referred to West Middlesex Hospital where she had an ultrasound and doctors discovered she was already 36 weeks and four days pregnant. 

Skye had been sexually active and did the test as a safety measure before making an appointment to get the contraceptive implant. She was left in blow by the news and was told by doctors that an abortion was not an option because she found out about the pregnancy so late.

Skye said that she couldn’t have done that anyway but after seeing her baby’s heartbeat on the screen, her heart filled with love. She knew from that point onwards that she would always take second place and her baby boy would take first.

Meanwhile, Kelly said that she is not sure if her own mother was ready to be a great-grandma at just 48. She thinks that makes her the youngest great-grandma in the UK, too.

It comes as mother-of-three, Gemma Skinner from Buckinghamshire, is believed to have become Britain’s youngest grandmother at 33 after her 17-year-old daughter gave birth last October. Gemma, whose daughter Maizie gave birth to a little girl, said she was mistaken for the baby’s aunt by nurses in the hospice.

Gemma said that she is having a great time taking her new grand-daughter out and about with everyone thinking that she is the girl’s mother. She has three daughters of her own with her youngest, four-year-old Bella, also becoming an auntie with the birth of the new baby.

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