Mother Asked Her To Pray To Get Over Her Anxiety And It Really Worked.

Story by Jennifer Toscano

My oldest daughter has been upset lately. We are contemplating switching her from public school into a private one. Her heart has been hurting thinking about leaving her friends. Worried about the changes that would come. Unsure of if she would belong.

I have been encouraging her to bring all of those hard feelings to Jesus and yesterday as we were talking she mentioned that she no longer felt really upset. As we talked more, she told me that she had prayed to God and that He had helped her.

She said, “Mom, I am surprised….I didn’t say really anything that big or great. My prayer was just simple.” She said that one night when she really upset thinking about it all she just said, “Dear God, please help me.”

And guess what…He did. He helped her with the hard emotions that she was feeling. Now she is still a bit sad but she said now she can see some good things that may come. She said that her tears have dried and she doesn’t think it will be that bad. She was surprised that she didn’t say anything fancy and yet He answered.

I smiled as she told me all of this. And I asked her about her own daddy. How would her daddy react if she just said, “Hey dad, can you help me?” Did she think he would care if she didn’t really explain a lot? Would he care how she asked at all or would he just want to help her?

“Hmmm,” she said. “You’re right.”

How much more would her Father in heaven want to help her? He didn’t care how she asked or what her prayer sounded like. He didn’t care what words she used.

He just cared that she was bringing her heart to Him and asking Him to help. He heard a heart that trusted Him. He heard the cry of His hurting child.

And the same is true for us. We can simply pray, Lord, please help me. And He will. He is a faithful Father, who loves His children. He is just waiting to help us. He is a good God that answers and brings comfort to our hearts.

Oh, what a wonderful God He is.

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