Mother’s Brilliant Way To Bring A Smile On Her Sad Face.

Story by Mom Seeking Coffee

My 5 year old was having a moment, so I took my hand, and started plucking the air around her… Of course she stopped to ask what I was doing…

“Shh, sit really still… they’re all over you”… I said, staying focused 😄 “What’s all over me?” She asked, almost forgetting why she was upset. “The grouchies!” I continued… “we’ve got to get them off you!!”

At this point she realized that I was being silly and she started laughing. “No those aren’t grouchies, they’re HAPPIES!!” She said. “Oh good!” I said, putting one back and plucking other spots.

“No that’s not a grouchy either!!” “Are they all gone?!” I asked. “Yes!” She said laughing. “I want a hug.” She said.


Sometimes we can shift the tone of the moment through play and connection… not always, and I promise I know it’s not easy, especially when you’re tired & frustrated… but, its worth it when it works.

You become a soft spot to land after the big emotions pass.

So next time your little one starts spiraling, try plucking those grouchies away. ☺️

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