Mother In Law Stops Eating And Leaves The House Immediately When I Said This.

A family gathering is fun but at times stressful. In this story to make things easy and fun the wife made a joke about her onion soup which didn’t go well with the mother-in-law. Read the story and let us know what she should do.

Source: Reddit

So my husband and I recently moved back to his hometown and bought a house near his parents. So we decided to host his family for dinner.

I cooked up a few dishes, including French onion soup. The soup was a hit. His mom asked me for a recipe, and I jokingly said that the secret ingredient is my tears (because onions). His mom stopped eating, stared at me. I tried to ease the tension by explaining that it was a joke, but she didn’t respond. After a few minutes they got up and left.

I knew she was strict about knowing where her food came from, making sure that they’re organic and non-GMO and such. We actually went grocery shopping with her before dinner as reassurance. But I didn’t realize an obvious onion joke would set her off.

My husband has been trying to get her to talk to me but she refuses. Am I a Jerk in this situation ?

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