Psychologist Who Evaluated Amber Heard Says That Johnny Depp Sexually Abused Her When They Were Married

A psychologist who assessed Amber Heard for several of hours brought surprising charges in the course of Johnny Depp’s denouncement hearing against Amber Heard.

Earlier the law court has heard Depp as he was on the stand and appeared against Amber claiming that her WaPo op-ed in 2018 directed to numerous monetary losses and pulled the actor out of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. Though, it is now time for Amber’s attorney to call witnesses to give evidence about Depp’s actions from Amber’s point of view.

The psychologist told the court what Amber told her about Depp’s supposed drug-fuelled angers. She said when the actor was drunk he would throw her on the couch, rip off her nightdress and try to have sex with her. She continued saying that there were times when he forced her to give him oral sex when he was irritated. She said that those weren’t in affectionate moments but rather instants of supremacy, rage and instants where he was trying to get control of her.

The psychologist, Dr. Hughes also talks over an alleged event in which Depp seemingly did a cavity check on Amber in order to find his drugs.  She further added that even though Amber shouted and smash him and said some awful stuff to him, it was certainly not able to swing the balance of power in the bond. If he was not able to achieve he would get annoyed at her and blame her.

Dr. Hughes allegedly specified that Depp was not happy about Amber and actor Billy Bob Thornton, but did not give details.  

Amber Heard and James Franco riding on Johnny Depp’s private elevator

Amber Heard and James Franco riding on Johnny Depp’s private elevator

Posted by JustSayin on Saturday, April 30, 2022

She also said that Depp starts talking about James Franco and said she must have fun with her adventures. Subsequent a scientific inspection of Amber, Dr. Hughes found that the actor’s experience was constant with what is known about Intimate Partner Violence and that she suffered from PTSD.

Dr. Hughes expressed to the court that her key outlook is that Amber’s report of intimate partner violence and the records she studied is steady with what we know in the field about intimate partner violence, characterized by bodily ferocity, mental violence, sexual ferocity and forcible control and shadowing activities.

While Hughes was on the stand, her name and practice specifics received an overflow of precarious reaction. It’s ambiguous if Hughes made the profile on her own. Several commentators suspect Hughes of being chauvinist and immoral for being unfair against men in circumstances of domestic exploitation. 

Dr. Hughes is the main witness called by Amber’s defence side after Depp’s attorneys rested their case on Tuesday. Justice Penney Azcarate then discharged Amber’s attorneys’ motion to terminate Depp’s grievance, paving the pathway for the defence presentation to initiate. 

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